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We host our cloud instances in our own data centers in Nuremberg, Falkenstein Germany and Helsinki Finland. And we operate our data centers in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations. Hetzner Online will safeguard your Hetzner cloud servers using the latest hardware appliances and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks.

And all that free of charge. GDPR compliancy for your Cloud.

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You can even enter the correct European location for your DPA. It is easy to get started using our thorough documentation and programming examples. For more information, click here.

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Servers have both a monthly price cap and a price per hour. If you delete your Cloud Server before the end of the billing month, you will only be billed the hourly rate. We will bill you for each cloud server until you choose to delete them.

All servers that have finished their creation process will be billed until they are deleted, regardless of their state. This is because, internally, we allocate full resources to servers regardless of their power state. And it enables rapid startup and boot times for you, the customer. Servers with local disks keep all data on a local RAID mirror on the host system.

Servers with ceph disks store their data on a remote filesystem. Each block is stored on three different servers. They are especially suited for higher availability needs: If the local host hardware fails, we will boot the server on a different machine. Right now we are focusing on support for Linux as an operating system.

If you wish, you may install Windows on your own, and we have seen successful installations done.

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However, we will not provide any support for Windows. We started Hetzner Cloud with the minimal feature set we think is necessary to enter the market. However we intend to continually add new features and services.

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We have designed our internal development methods and systems to allow us to add more features. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a precise roadmap of the things we are working on. Libraries for other languages are not available at this time. It is a feature for fast, flexible, and cost-effective SSD based block storage which you can attach to your Hetzner Cloud Server. Cloud Robot konsoleH. Sign Up now. Block Storage Volumes With our flexible scalable volumes, each cloud server can be expanded with additional SSD-based storage as needed.

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Volumes New! Get Started. DDoS protection.