Domain name sale history

Some popular domain name auction websites include:. Domain names are even sold on eBayas well.

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Private domain names sales typically are not reported publicly, so these sales figures are generally not available. We even look at similar domain name sales, as well.

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These are only a few of the sites we may use during our proprietary domain name background checks:. NameBio NameBio is a fairly new website that allows you to search for domain name sales history.

How to View Domain Name Sales History

So, for CXOTalk. There are others, such as:. GoDaddy recently release a beta version of their Domain Value Appraisal Toolwhere they tell you their appraisal amount. They also list similar domain names that have sold recently.

Free domain appraisal and domain investment tools.

DNJournal Year-to-Date Top Domain Sales Charts

Site Links. Appraise Domains. Text and CSV files only. One domain per line.

Sold Domains

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Domain market trends and sales history from the experts at Sedo

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