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Disputes regarding registration. Rs domain solves the three-member arbitration panel. The arbitral tribunal considers and determines whether the registration and use.

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Rs domain name registrant has violated any intellectual property or any other subjective right of the plaintiff, in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance. The first member of the arbitral tribunal appointed by the prosecutor, so that when filing a complaint enclose a list with the names of three arbitrators from the list of arbitrators.

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Presidency of the Commission prosecutor assigned to the first available arbitrator from the provided list. The other member of the arbitral tribunal appointed by the registrant, such as in response to the complaint enclose a list with the names of three arbitrators from the list of arbitrators. Presidency of the Commission registrant assigns the first available arbitrator from the provided list. If the prosecutor or the registrant does not nominate arbitrators or if, for any reason, proposed arbitrators are not able to participate in the arbitration proceedings, Presidency of the Commission shall appoint one arbitrator for each party to the dispute with a list of arbitrators.

Within 7 days of receiving notice of his appointment appointed arbitrators shall select from the list of arbitrators the third arbitrator as the presiding judge. If they are in This does not make a choice, the president of the Presidency Council shall appoint the Commission. Once you have determined all three members of the arbitral tribunal, the Professional Service inform the parties about the composition of the arbitral tribunal.

If the parties do not put comments on the composition of the arbitral tribunal within three days from receipt of the notice, the arbitral tribunal is constituted considered. If one or both parties put their objections to the composition of the arbitral tribunal, the final composition of the arbitral tribunal shall decide the Presidency of the Commission.

Arbitrators can not be given oral or written, opinion or advice, nor can they be representatives of the dispute pending before the Commission. Employees of the parties, members of their bodies and permanent or temporary Associates may not be appointed as arbitrators in disputes involving the hand. Person nominated for an arbitrator within three days of receiving notice declare in writing whether they accept this responsibility and is obliged to any circumstance that might cause doubt as to his impartiality or independence.

The statement in paragraph 1 shall be delivered to the parties, together with notification on the composition of the arbitral tribunal. If at any time during the proceeding, circumstances appear to may cause doubt about the impartiality or independence of the arbitrator, the arbitrator shall to inform, in writing, immediately inform the Commission Presidency.

The Presidency shall, within three days to decide on recall and replacement of such arbitrator. If an arbitrator from the legal or factual reasons, is unable to perform his duties, shall notify, in writing, about the Presidency of the Commission, which will decide on the termination of office of arbitrator.

If an arbitrator fails to perform its duties in a reasonable time, the Presidency Commission shall decide on revocation of the arbitrator and make a decision on his replacement.

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Any party may request the Commission to revoke the presidency if the arbitrator on the legal or factual reasons, is unable to perform his duties or other reasons fails to perform his duties within a reasonable time.

The parties may request an exception arbitrator. The request for exemption shall be submitted to the Presidency of the Commission within three days of know the reason for exemption. The request for exemption may be submitted until the decisions. The Presidency shall decide on the request for exemption with the prior written professedly arbitrator whose disqualification is required. The exemption decision may not be explained.

If during the term of the arbitrator is prevented from performing their duties, Presidency of the Commission shall appoint a second arbitrator within three days of learning about the inability arbitrator.

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The members of the arbitral tribunal shall perform their duty honestly and conscientiously. The arbitral tribunal is required to enable each side to present their views and evidence and to comment on the action, evidence and proposals of the other. The arbitral tribunal price probative evidence of free belief. Dispute resolution procedures begins with the claim. Before filing suit, the plaintiff may make application to the registry to obtain data Contact Information for the dispute.

Rs domains. The complaint must contain: First name or business name of the prosecutor and the registrar; Second permanent address or seat, as well as e-mail address and the prosecutor registrant; Third authorization for the representative, if the prosecutor decides to appoint him; 4th the name of one or more.

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The complaint submitted to the Commission in electronic form, and five printed copies. On the date of filing is considered to be the day when the Commission received a duly filed complaint in printed form. The procedure can be initiated if the dispute. Rs domain is already in dispute settlement procedure. Upon receipt of properly filed complaint, the Professional Service notifies the registrant that the proceedings against him.

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Professional Service to initiate the procedure without promptly cpr notify the Registry, which marks the dispute. Deadline for response is 15 days from receipt of the complaint registrant. With the answer to the complaint registrant shall authorize a representative, if registrant decides to appoint him, and the list of names of three arbitrators from the list of arbitrators, of which the Presidency of the Commission assigned to the registrant of the first available the attached list.

Professional Service delivered a statement of defense to members of the arbitral tribunal and the prosecution in electronic and printed form. The summons and other documents in the procedure is done through electronic mail, registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or otherwise to ensures written evidence that the addressee of the document. Mailing address is the address to which the recipient regularly receives mail. If the recipient did not specify a different address or if the other does not arise from the circumstances, mailing address is considered the address of the headquarters of the legal person or its branch, and address of the habitual residence of a person.

If the address in paragraph 2 This article can not be determined, it is considered that the written admitted if it is addressed to the last known mailing address of the recipient. It is considered that the submission of duly completed when the parties or her attorney refused to accept the call or other writing.

If the parties determine their attorneys, all calls and letters to indicate the address of the proxy. Oral hearings are scheduled when the arbitral tribunal determines that it is to acquire conditions and when it finds appropriate.

Professional Service shall notify the parties of the date and venue hearing. If the arbitral tribunal determines that the written submissions and the evidence was sufficient for decision, may propose to the parties that the decision is made without a hearing.

The parties may agree to a proposal submitted to the arbitral tribunal to decision is made without holding a hearing. If one party does not agree with the proposal for a decision without hearing, the arbitral tribunal shall decide whether to hold oral hearings. The oral hearing, as a rule, leads to the headquarters of the Commission. The arbitral tribunal may decide to hold oral hearing on another place in a reasoned request of a party to the proceedings.

An oral hearing is not public, unless the parties otherwise agree. The parties attending the hearing personally or through an authorized proxy. If one or both parties, although duly notified, no lodges at the hearing, arbitrators, since they determine that a duly called and that no reasonable reason for absence, can access the discussion of a dispute as to the parties present.

The parties to the dispute shall be heard outside the hearing eg, through teleconferencing, videoconferencing, Web conferencing, etc. Dispute resolution procedures are conducted in Serbian language. Главная Проверить домен Сербия Домены. Купить домен.

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Special provisions Срок действия домена A. Hyphens may be used, but not at the beginning or at the end of the domain, and not 2 consecutive for example, aa -bb. Похожие домены.

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