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Очень легко купить домены Индонезия. No Transfers during a Proceeding In the event that we do so, we will post the modified MYDRP on our web site at least one 1 month before such modifications come into effect except where circumstances beyond our control prevent us from doing so. If you do so, we are not required to refund you any fees which you may have paid to us for the registration of the Domain Name. Accordingly, all modifications which are made to the MYDRP will apply to you unless you delete your registration of the Domain Name as stated above.

General 1. Definitions 2.

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Communications 3. These records must be available for the inspection of any of the other parties whenever required. Subsequent to this, all communication concerning a Proceeding will be conducted as instructed by Provider.

The Complaint 4. The Complaint must be submitted in: This portion of the Complaint shall comply with any word or page limit set forth in the Supplemental Rules. Notification of the Complaint 5. The Provider shall use the following measures to discharge this responsibility: The Complainant then has five 5 Working days to make the necessary corrections to the Complaint.

If the Complainant is unable to do so or where the Complainant fails to make payment of the Fees stated in Rule 21, the Complaint will be considered to have been withdrawn without prejudice to the right of the Complainant to submit a fresh Complaint in respect of the same domain name. In such cases, the administrative fee will be retained by the Provider while the Proceeding fee will be refunded to the Complainant.

The Response 6. This portion of the Response shall comply with any word or page limit set forth in the Supplemental Rules. The Respondent must make this payment within the fifteen 15 Working days stated in Rule 6.

The Provider has the sole discretion to decide whether to give the Respondent more time to submit its Response. Although the Parties may come to an agreement in writing that the Respondent should be given more time to submit its Response, the agreement will have no effect unless the Provider approves it.

Reply 7. The Reply may only answer the allegations made by the Respondent in the Response and must not raise any new issues whatsoever.

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Appointment of the Panel 8. The list must specify the relevant qualifications and contact details of the Panellists.

The third Panellist will be appointed by the Provider. However, where the Complainant had originally chosen a single-member Panel but the Respondent then chooses a three-member Panel, the Fees will then be shared equally between the Parties.

Where the Panellist in question was sitting in a three-member Panel, the Provider has the discretion whether or not to dissolve and replace the entire three-member Panel or to remove the Panellist s in question and reappoint a replacement Panellist s. Communication between the Parties and the Panel Transmission of the file to the Panel The Panel must also make sure that the Parties are treated fairly and that each Party is provided with a fair opportunity to present its case.

In exceptional circumstances, where requested by the Parties or as determined to be necessary by the Panel, the Panel has the right and discretion to extend any time periods stated in the Policy and Rules and where it does so, it will inform the Provider, who will in turn inform the Parties accordingly. If the evidence is admissible, the Panel will then decide on the relevance and importance of such evidence. Language of the Proceeding However, such evidence must be accompanied by a duly certified translation of the entire or relevant portion of the evidence in either Bahasa Melayu or the English Language.

Further Statements In-Person Hearings However, in exceptional circumstances, the Panel has the right and discretion to allow and conduct inperson hearings if the Panel decides that it is necessary to do so but only when both Parties are present. Default Decision of the Panel For the avoidance of doubt, the decisions of other Panels in previous Proceedings or other domain name dispute cases are not binding precedent and should not be treated as such.

The Panel is not allowed to make any other order such as an award of damages or a payment of compensation. Any dissenting opinions must also accompany the majority decision. Settlement or other grounds for termination The Parties must also supply the Provider and the Panel where appointedwith a written and signed agreement indicating the settlement.

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Either Party may then object to the termination of the Proceeding but must do so within a reasonable time period as set by the Panel. If the objections raised are not acceptable or no objections are raised at the end of the said time period, the Panel will proceed to terminate the Proceeding.

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