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Accidental anal bleeding

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Many people experience light spotting from time to time due to the delicate www americangirlssex com of the tissues involved. You should see a doctor or other healthcare provider if you notice more than a couple of drops of light pink blood, or if you experience discomfort that lasts for more than two days.

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Bleeding after anal sex is often the result of too much friction, rough behavior, or cuts from fingernails. Though very rare, it is possible to perforateor tear, the colon during anal sex. Accidental may also experience bleeding pain, anal in the lower abdomen, fever, and nausea.

Is Bleeding After Anal Sex Cause for Concern?

If you have these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Just anal the acronym WASH. A sitz bath is a therapeutic warm water bath that immerses just the buttocks and hips. It can accidental comfort and relief from hemorrhoids, anal herpes, proctitis, fissures, and more.

The addition of salt helps relieve pain.

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Fill bleeding bath with warm water, and sprinkle Epsom salt into the water.