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All naked peeing

No need to further introduce Manneken-Pis This statue, standing 61 centimeters all, turns cycling sexy men heads of easily amused tourists in the capital. Men are jealous of his right to freely urinate in the street while their company gushes over his outfit that would make Queen Elisabeth green with envy. However, little is clear about his origins …. After many centuries of solitude, this brave Manneken was joined by his feminine counterpart: Located on the other side of the Grand Place, she is also relieving herself without reserve.

Peeing statues

Finally, there is the Zinneke Pis, the last of the peeing trio. Now is a good time to explain the word zinneke. Etymologically, we can divide the word like this: Today, peeing expression zinneke describes the cosmopolitan and multicultural character that makes Brussels unique and proud to be so!

Only one tiny regret… Only Manneken-Pis can be dressed up. Jeanneke is condemned to stay naked while Zinneke is happy with just naked short hair!

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