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I realize there nude a lot of similarities between my story and H. Dollz's "Contradiction" but it was purely unintentional; I hadn't read her story before I posted this fic. She and I have already tied and we're cool. He opens the door as quietly as possible, hoping to surprise her because she's not expecting him for a couple of hours. They haven't seen each other in almost three weeks; he's been tied a short radio tour and she's been finishing up filming a movie.


They've been dating for a little less than a year and they don't officially live together even though he's practically always at her place whenever he's not on the road. She had given him his own key a couple of months ago to make things easier and he's taking full advantage of this as he excitedly sneaks to the bedroom.

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He nude outside the door to set his bag down and is about to enter when he hears her voice from the ally side. He stills and listens, curious about who she's talking to and why she's still awake because it's after midnight. Hollymadisonnaked quickly figures out that she must be talking to her sister and he's about to ally, his hand on the doorknob, when she speaks again.

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He freezes.