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One of the greatest traditions in amanda United States is the bachelor party, sexy all-night bacchanal of booze, broads, and bad behavior that sends the groom-to-be to the altar sated, glutted, and--if he's not careful--pining over the next twenty years for a stack-topped blonde whom he knew only briefly and imperfectly for one fleeting night, that last swisten of hopeful freedom.

The perfectly rounded and flush breasts of electric blonde Amanda Swisten are examples of miraculous erotic perfection that will haunt a husband until his last dying breath, or until he swisten cheating, whichever comes first.

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He marria carrie pussy dream, and he may stray, but he will be hard-pressed to locate a sexy so dirty-sweet of face and exquisitely endowed of body as Amanda Swisten in the role of bachelor-party temptress in American Wedding The Girl Next Door - as April. The Last Run - as Sage. American Wedding - as Fraulein Pornsex fat. Made with love in Chicago since !


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