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Atkins nude

If for some reason you want to feel really old, take note that Christopher Atkins is now a grandfather.

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Check out the original trailer for the film below then scroll down for nude few recent-ish photos of the still-striking Atkins. Wonders what he looks like today.

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Me I look better. Well duh read the post before asking stupid questions.

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There is a scene in the movie where we can clearly see his dick. He was a very beautiful man.

Susan Atkins

I masturbated a lot, atkins of him, when I saw this movie for the first time as atkins kid. I only saw the heavily censored version on TBS. Gotta agree with Fuckingusgirl Budd: I remember many fond, fond watching him in it. Oh pinay teenager boobs, Mr Atkins looks even more handsome than he did all those years ago!!!

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Good genes help, too. That is nude horrible trailer.

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Am I the only one who has the soundtrack on LP?