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But the best thing: Both barbarians are battle scarred war veterans, embarking on a barbarian quest fucked redemption for a life of meaningless violence. Male Barbarian is an old man.

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Therefore she started beheading people in her early teens. You are alive, make the best of it. I doubt female barbarians colette guimond blowjob have long, flowing, super model like, red hair nor do I think they would go into battle in what is essentially bikini armor that exposes their arms and legs fully and lastly I doubt Female that they would shave their legs…but you do you Blizzard.

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We are getting invaded by Goblins I kill othe first whmith my greataxe…. I throw handaxe immediately takes headoff…the female standing Goblin is on his back im in a Barbaric Rage and barbarian my greataxe and slice this foe from head to groin….

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Side note going on an adventure with a chef, ranger, drunken fighter, and a kinku what a marvelous party. Got my hotels cheaper for 2 than 1 for october! Female barbarian from Diablo 3 suits me well, so ya if you cocktail wear to find me look no further than a fucked, 6ft'4 beast of a woman.