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Beyonce slip panties

Beyonce Pussy Slips - Oops She Did It Again ! - Scandal Planet

Panties Justin Enriquez for MailOnline. She is known for always pushing the creative envelope.

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In the short video, the year-old hitmaker can be seen parading around in her underwear as she dances, claps and even drops to her knees several times - mostly to slip off her famous bottom.

Scroll down for video. Pulling a Risky Business: Visit site. She performed a typically energetic dance routine wearing some leopard print pants and knee pads.

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As you do. We're more used to seeing her on stage in embellished bodysuits, but here it's her slogan sweater that has porn knees dress got us reaching for our credit cards. Bey rarely recycles her outfits, but she actually wore this back in February.

It's a play on the Yale university sweaters, but has got the word 'kale' on the front instead. And beyonce case you're not au fait with the latest health food fads, that's the vegetable that everyone's eating right now. The panties trend has been around for a while, but this has to be the healthiest take on the trend we've seen! Or get the look with one of the options we've beyonce up for you in slip edit below.