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Blonde irish guys

There's nothing that gives away a person's Irish heritage irish a head of flaming red hair.

Irish Fetishist Reacts to News That Irish Men Are the 'Ugliest in the World'

For Irish guys, even if they're dark-haired or blond, they always have beards that are at least a little bit red. If you've ever wondered why, you're in luck. We can explain, but it's more complicated than you're probably expecting.

We'll answer a few questions here, but let's start with a big one: Vice's Motherboard had blonde exact same burning desire for knowledge, so they got in touch with Erfocentrumthe Dutch national information center for genetics and all things hereditary.

Hair color isn't determined by a simple equation of dominant vs. It's what Haak-Bloem calls an "incomplete dominant hereditary trait. You actually inherit all the possibilities that any of your guys ever had sexy older topless then all those genes hash it out.

Blood of the Irish: What DNA Tells Us About the Ancestry of People in Ireland

While that might make some dads feel better about their mystery babies, it doesn't explain why red is so prevalent. People with blonde, brunette, or black hair are producing different levels of eumelanine, while redheads produce something else entirely, called pheomelanine.

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Anyone who inherits two certain mutated genes ends up being a carrot top, but you can see the effects of your pheomelanine production even if you only get one mutated gene.