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Cunningham vintage sex photos also charged naked an aggravated battery related to the video. The parents had reported AJ missing the morning of April 18, telling police they had last seen him when they put him to bed the night before.

But there were no crack of forced entry to the home nor that AJ had left, police said. It did not appear from the video that Boy received professional medical attention.

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Drew said cold showers was decided as the alternative. Drew advised at some point that he believed AJ had died. Drew said he dug a shallow grave for AJ, placed him in it, covered it with straw, and left.

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Memorial services will be private. In his request for a search warrant, Maldonado added many details about the evidence investigators found and what Freund told him.

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Maldonado said police had made numerous visits to the house at 94 Dole Ave. Freund said he and Cunningham put AJ to bed after brushing teeth, washing hands and saying prayers. Drew explained that, yes, he and Joann lock AJ in his room at night because sometimes he gets out throughout the house.