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For the first five years of my life I thought I was a bear. My parents told me they found me on the side of the road one day, pic they adopted me.

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On the first day of school my future best friend told me that I wasn't a bear. She asked?

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Where is your fur? Where are your claws?

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Britnysex are you the only bear that has to go to school?? I went home crying.

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True story. Aside from thinking I was a bear, I have always loved making messes and creating. I didn't know too much about art but I knew that artists wore berets and wore work aprons and had easels and went outside to paint flowers in the natural light. So this is what I did, only I didn't like painting the sun so I replaced it with the sex hot northindian instead.

I think this speaks a lot about how I create now.