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Brown fat ass

Those who overindulged during the holidays may want to get a shot of cold air to kick-start some extra fat-burning activity for the new year.

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Researchers at the University ass California, Berkeley, found that exposure to cold temperatures increases levels of a newly discovered protein that is critical for the formation of brown fat, the type of fat in our bodies that generates heat. With extended exposure to chilly air, the protein, called transcription factor Zfp, also helps the fat abundant white fat in our bodies - the kind that stores excess energy - become more sexy pregnant women to brown fat in its ability to burn energy.

Fat researchers found that mice with boosted levels of the Zfp protein gained 30 percent less weight than control mice when both groups were fed a high-fat diet. The new findings, to be published online Thursday, Jan.

Fat Ass (Orginal Mix)

Unlike white fat, which stores excess energybrown fat burns energy to brown us warm. Brown fat gets its hue from relatively high levels of mitochondria, the cell's power station. In humans, ass fat was thought to be present only in infants, but stores of it were recently discovered in adults around such vital areas as the heart, brain, neck and spinal cord. The study authors said that because we generally live our lives in controlled, ambient temperatures, our need for brown fat has decreased over time.

The UC Berkeley team discovered that the Zfp protein activates uncoupling protein 1 UCP1found only in the mitochondria of brown fat and involved brown the generation of heat. When the researchers disabled the gene for Zfp in mouse embryos, the embryos did not develop any brown fat.