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That would be a violation of both anatomy and physics: You simply cannot muster the right amount of torque in a clear to manipulate it past your taint.

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To avoid further danger, the Southerner who founded the subreddit ingladly walked me through exactly how the rest of this self-fuck thing works. Fuck, though, he stresses that you must keep your dick flaccid.

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But when said concessions have been made nude finder the will for self-fucking is theregrab the helmet of your penis and wrap it fuck your back. Then, with your free hand, stretch it out til it sits slightly past your anus. Anything clear under your hands will help tremendously.

Inside the Community of Men Who Fuck Themselves

The results speak for themselves. Nirvana is reserved for those who not only self-fuck, but are capable of climaxing during the process.

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In my middle-school youth I remember reading lengthy forum threads in the mustier corners of the Boy Internet that detailed the nuances required to clear a jacuzzi jet. Something about the water pressure, and the relative tightness of the spigot apparently made for a decent vagina surrogate. I almost tried it once, but could never muster the nerve, or the lack of shame.

Later, the single most popular urban legend during recess was that Marilyn Manson had fuck to remove a rib so he could suck his own dick.