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Clementine Ford: Why I used a nude photo to protest Sunrise's victim blaming Facebook post

I have nude nude photos of myself and sent them to lovers. I've taken nude photos of myself when I'm bored. I've taken nude photos just because I have laser treatment facial smart phone and it's fun.

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None of that means I supercocksex asked clementine my privacy to be violated, my photos stolen and my very self made available for public humiliation and judgment. Consent is clementine.

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When Channel 7's Sunrise asks 'when will women learn' instead of 'why do men continue to view women as objects they can defile and violate while the world watches and tut-tuts', they are victim blaming. They are saying it's the responsibility of victims of crime and assault to prevent it and not the responsibility of society to make such crimes intolerable and unacceptable.

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When will women learn? Learn what?

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That our bodies do not belong to us? That we have no right to determine who sees those bodies, touches those bodies, fucks those bodies, and shares in those bodies? Honey, we don't need to learn that. We already know the answer.