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And yet that is the correct answer. Although successive anatomists have published detailed descriptions of the organ over the past years, this knowledge has just as frequently teeny sister fuck suppressed, trivialized, and forgotten.

Your Clitoris Is the Size of a ‘Medium Zucchini,’ and Other Vagina Facts You Didn’t Know

Because the great authority Vesalius said a clitoris did not and should not exist, except in hermaphrodites. Or because Freud told us clitoral stimulation was an infantile pleasure, to be replaced by proper vaginal fun later upon maturity. Or simply because it got in the way of clitorectomy campaigns. But human females are cliterios the only victims of the lack of scientific interest in the female private parts.

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And here, too, male genitalia have been stealing the limelight. Take ducks, for example. Whereas most birds mate by swedenporn their cloacas against each other, ducks are among the few types of bird where the males have an actual penis.

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And these are photo different among different duck species as their plumage is.