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Daring butt plug

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Daring secret sexiness. He looks at my attire and smiles, walking in and placing a hand on my hip he kisses me.

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I smile against his lips before we both pull away. Naked girl potty butt gasp as I look at him slightly open mouthed in disbelief. My cunt immediately spasms with excitement; the traitor.

Butt Plugs

He pulls me in close to him and then pushes me back on the bed. I watch him nervously as my cunt twitches in anticipation and an ache starts to grow deep in my stomach. I think to myself for plug moment that I wish I had bought a slightly smaller plug.


He slaps the inside of one of my thighs and forces my legs wide open as he kneels at the side of the bed in front of me. I instinctively suck and lick it, wetting it as much as I can with my saliva.