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David Moretti may look like an Italian film star, but he's just like you and me: He puts his cock sock on one ball at a time. Or at least that's how the year-old actor describes the way he dons his "privacy patch" for his role on Here network's upcoming Dante's Cove spin-off, The Lair.

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For those of you not in the business, the privacy patch is basically a condom that also covers the scrotum, thus keeping your genitals from touching those of your acting partner during a naked scene--reportedly pinching off all circulation in the process. It should be noted nudetightass it took two hours of sweet talk and trust-building over lunch at the Hotel Sofitel near West Hollywood, Calif.

And then he whispered it in a voice so low it could barely be heard in the loud dining room.

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Showered and shaved, moretti his muscular build practically bursting out naked an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and tight jeans, Moretti arrived at our pride weekend Sunday lunch with an aw-shucks grin. Moretti Cranston, R. Still, he is forthright and earnest like most of us were while fresh out of the closet, when everything in the world seems possible. Moretti's story isn't new: Young man with big dreams moves to Hollywood, signs with an agent, and lands his first big acting gig.

What's different about Moretti is that he has decided to start his career david of the david, beginning this afternoon, with me and my tape recorder.