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Esha nude buttoks

Esha Gupta is back again and this time the actress went topless, with only a black thong on. She bares a hearty laugh as she holds a pomegranate cut into halves in her hands. Her candid laughter renders an unpretentious feel to the nude scorching mood of the picture, adding to the overall sensuality.

Esha Gupta Is Back And This Time She Goes Completely NUDE!! No Kidding !!

Esha had earlier posed while eating a papaya, and she continues her love for fruits with this post. She uploaded a steamy picture buttoks her little girls with half-cut pomogranates. This picture created enough controversy and quite a stir on social media with various people trolling her nude passing lewd comments on her pictures.

This did not stop the diva and she went on further to upload a esha nude picture of her buttocks. Esha Gupta has apparently disabled the comment section buttoks her instagram in order to avoid all the trolls.

49 Hot Pictures Of Esha Gupta Are Just Too Damn Sexy

In the latest upload you can only see her sporting a pair of stockings. Check it out:. Sunday, August 18, Bollywood News and Gossip —. She has recently visited London to esha her favourite football club and has taken upon herself to cause a heart attack to her fans by her latest steamy photoshoot. She took to her official instagram to share pictures of her sensuality posing in a black lingerie. There was not much content to the pictures but it definitely hints gi joe naked more upcoming pictures.