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Europe nude commercials

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If you think there is too much sex in American television advertising, take a europe at the commercials in Europe and Australia. They're much more frank and racy.


Saturday on cable's Showtime, nude a randy romp that does not pretend to be teenage porn scene significant or intellectually uplifting. As narrator Harry Moses says at the start of the show, "If commercials got lust in your heart and an hour to kill, enjoy.

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In Europe, nudity in commercials goes back at least toas illustrated on the show by the figure of a naked woman rising up out of a pasta box. These early commercials were shown only in movie theaters, as many nude the more daring ones still are today. The first nude commercial on TV, advertising a cologne, appeared in Some of the commercials shown here are so explicit that they resist description in a commercials newspaper.

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But summaries of several should be sufficient europe you to decide whether to stay up late enough to watch "Sex Sells":. To Europeans, it's a reason to get naked. In a commercial for an Australian brand of lingerie called Antz Pantz, a women lies in bed in her underwear, with many ants crawling over her.