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Flashing iceland webcam

After signing with with Windows Hello, the two small redlights on iceland side of the camera stay on, and I assume the camera stays on as well. Initially it flashing just every once in a while. But in the past week, it's been happening with increasing frequency times per day.

Explore Iceland - Live feed from all over the country

There are plenty of resources to help when the camera won't turn on, but I haven't been able to find anything about what to do if the camera won't turn off. Hi RD Welcome to the HP Forums! It is a webcam way to engage, post questions and find resolutions by working with specialists in the HP community.

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I total fuck island your post and I understand that the webcam is not turning off after logging in to the computer using windows hello.

In order that I may provide you with an accurate solution, I will need a few more details. When was the last time the webcam was working fine?