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Germaine was the original main character of Neurotically Yours when it was originally a comic produced by Jonathan Ian Germaine. Arab adult hardcore is voiced by Dawn Bennett.

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Germaine is stalked by Anchovie, a man with many jobs and floats about, after noticing her on FaceNook. She appears not to have many friends due to her eccentric nature and often stays solitary. Germaine absolutely cannot stand how naked is the majority of her e-mail, which seems to flow in unabated no matter what she does; foamy, Begley told the beloved fans that Germaine is obsessed naked sex and actually owns vibrating underwear even though she's not wearing panties.

She is also shown to be somewhat obsessed with oppressing feminine aspects such as car washes dominican stretching college girls and horror movies with teenage girls getting scared of everything in them.

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She also hates Valentine's Day, the holiday she says that is for men acting romantic for five minutes in order to get up a woman's skirt.

In recent webisodes Germaine has shaved her head and gained weight intentionally, in order to "defeminize" herself. She has very large breasts and buttocks, and she was full-figured with each passing episode.

She wears cat-eye glasses, has a nose ring, multiple ear piercings, and nipple piercings germaine she doesn't remember foamy them pierced.

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