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Mya Mason. In the scene she breaks down and starts crying and fighting back until the scene is stopped; after further enthusiastic discussion of the scene and the contract she signed she willingly continues although she continues to sob as she is gagging and finishes the scene by swallowing his "money shot".

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This is one of the most shocking, disgraceful, introductions to hardcore porn ever caught on camera or released to the public. As some of the camera guys are seen walking away or turning maxhardcore cameras off 1 maxhardcore to film and she's clearly heard saying through the tears that she didn't gagging fake sexe star would actually pee or urinate into her mouth The whole scene stops and Max ask her if she's going to continue or finish the scene.

The scene in question is still available for viewing almost everywhere and the EU European version includes bonus footage banned from the retail version in the US.

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Now when some new porn starlet is introduced feet first into porn in some really hardcore or extreme scene it's known or reffered to as a "Mya Mason". When talking about fellow porn starlet Japan aka Misty Mason, we say at least she never had a Mya Mason.