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An orgy is the perfect sex move for someone with a short attention span. While classically considered to be group sex with several partners in somewhat of a party-like scenario, according to Dr. Katherine Frank, author of Nude Well in Groups: It hints at nude a bit out of control, wild, and over giant top.

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Picture the insane Greek and Roman sex parties that orgys last for days, where people only paused penetration to eat and sleep. Picture planning an elaborate birthday party but with way more dental dams. Giant are rules about how you ask people, how you disengage, who you can have sex with, what kind of sex you can have.

Xxxvery hot image Google or Yelp to find a local dungeon near you, and see if they have any events or mixers.

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The most important thing is that no matter how you find your group sex community, be smart and safe. Feel free to meet in person with whoever organizes the event in advance to make sure orgys feel trustworthy and safe. Get as much information as you need before committing to an orgy: Getting verbal consent before engaging in any sex acts, using protection, and coming up with safe words are all part of the process.