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A Turkish girl saved after days of suffering at the hands of her sexual abuser has started a new life with her parents in the western province of İzmir. The year-old girl, identified only as Ebru, was abducted in the Olgunlar village of the Kiraz district, which made headlines in February when it emerged that girls were being sold for marriage.

Saved after days in captivity and with the help of her father, identified only as Abdullah, she is now living a girlz different life. He was determined to find her daughter.

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She will continue her education and will be a nurse or a doctor. The sexual abuser then sent intermediaries to the family in order to avoid being sent to jail. Ebru is now living turkie another Aegean district with her five siblings and parents.

The first thing her father did was to enroll her in a vocational high school in their new neighborhood. During the winter, the house is freezing cold, but Abdullah makes sure his children are not distracted while studying. Abdullah was forced to leave education at a young age due to poverty. Since then, he has stepdad sex stories to provide sex better future for his own children.

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It was then when I decided to make all of my children receive education. I will receive university education in my new life. I will make traveling plans with my female colleagues and will visit foreign countries. Ebru dreams of becoming a doctor, nurse or an emergency medical technician, depending on her university entrance exam results.