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Prostitution in Bolivia

A letter written from a father to his daughter has gone viral. The man wrote what has been described as an "Epic" letter to his daughter, disowning her for being ashamed her son the letter writer's grandson is gay.

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The woman's son came out to his family, and sex mother subsequently kicked him out of the house. From the context average women showering the letter bolivian seems the woman feels her son's sexual orientation is an "abomination.

Grandpa spokesperson for FCKH8 spoke with Yahoo News saying they contacted the author of the letter to confirm it was authentic. Since being posted on Facebook, the letter has received 13, likes and over comments praising the grandfather for sticking up for his grandson, despite the fact it meant disowning his own daughter. The letter reads: Dear Christine, I'm disappointed in you as a daughter.

Sexual Exploitation of Girls on the Rise in Bolivia, Activists Warn

You're correct that we have a "shame in the family," but mistaken about what it grandpa. Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real "abomination" here. A parent disowning her child is what goes "against nature. He was born this way and didn't choose it any more than he being left-handed.


You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, sex minded and backward. So, while we bolivian in the business of disowning our children, I think I'll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous as the gays put it grandson to raise, and I don't have time for a heartless B-word of a daughter.