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February 3, Plastic surgeons raised red flags this week about a penis whitening fad in skin colour-fixated Thailand, dismissing the procedure as a phallic "fashion" with uncertain young and many risks. Requiring the use of lasers, acid, or chemicals, the latest craze in genital beautification can leave men with burns, penis, taut skinor the exact opposite of what they were after in the first place—a darker penis or penis spotted one, naked teen lover experts warned.

Whitening is one of those things that I am very careful of. Earlier hairless month, a Bangkok clinic said men a month were making use of its penis whitening service just six months after it started offering the procedure.

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Labiaplasty, which involves trimming the inner vaginal "lips" or blow dick nude minoria, was hairless far the fastest growing surgery sector inwith a percent rise fromaccording to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ISAPS. It is normal for the privates to be more darkly coloured than the rest of the skin, said Boucher. Boucher stressed there has been little scientific research into the use of lasers and chemicals for penis-whitening, and no bleaching techniques or products have been developed uniquely for use in this sensitive area.

The Thai health ministry has also warned against the procedure, saying it may cause irritation or infection, even presents a threat to sexual pleasure and reproduction.

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Penis enlargement, meanwhile, dropped by 28 percent inaccording teengalleriespornomovies the ISAPS, likely due to the rise of new, less-invasive booster techniques.

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