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Played by English actor Charlie HunnamJax makes his debut in the series' premiere episode, " Pilot ", in the series' first season. Playing a recurring role through the series' first, secondthirdfourthfifthsixthand seventh seasons, Jax lives naked the club, but questions the violent extremes it will go to for "business".

Jax Teller

Despite having lived for the club his entire life, he comes to acknowledge that he was nothing more than a criminal like his father before himand makes it his final ambition to make sure his sons never come to know the life of chaos he lived, as well as fulfilling his father's legacy. The main protagonist of the series, and only one of naked characters to appear in priti girl xx episode of the series along with Gemma, Jax meets his demise in the series' finale naked, " Papa's Goods ", mother skinny dipping the series' seventh, and final, season.

Jackson Teller is young, handsome, and corded with hard lines of muscle. He has deep set, blue eyes and unkempt dirty blonde hair that is most often cut around his shoulders. Jax has multiple tattoos on his body—one on his right arm of his father, John Teller, one on his chest for his first born son, Abel, one on his left arm for his second born son, Thomas, and most noticeably, the crest of the club on his back.

He has been called "incredibly sexy" and it is apparent jax truly knows this.

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A born, brave and beloved leader, Jax is extremely loyal to his Club. However, Jax remains loyal to his comrades, always doing his best to keep half brothers out of trouble half to make the best decisions for the Club.

Half is calm and collected most of the time but is easily angered and has no remorse in killing people he thinks deserves it.

However, he does usually act in a friendly and warm-hearted manner but jax hard to reason with when is angry. Realizing leading SAMCRO is his destiny, something he later admits to never really wanting, Jax attempts to lead the Club away from all of the relationships and activities that cause so many problems for him, his family and his brothers.

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Jax leads the Club far more liberally than Jax had done, as he is very tolerant and farsighted, having no problems with people of other colors or sexual orientation. Jax is smart, a headstrong and skilled tactician and businessman.