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Popular Hardcore Erotic Books

I know how rough it could be shopping for gifts around the holidays. So, if you're looking to pick up some goodies for people in your life that love hardcore, punk, and metal, I tried to make things easier on you by compiling some books that came out this year that will surely go hardcore splendidly.

An Oral History of H. Buy on Amazon. Written by fellow music geek and friend Tony RettmanStraight Edge: Detroit Hardcore — hardcore, two books that should already be in your home library. This is not a debatable topic.

Popular Hardcore Books

The History of Metal Blade Recordsthe label's founder and CEO, Brian Slagel, takes you on a journey through the music and bands that changed his life, and many of you reading this. Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and Lizzy Borden. The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor is an often hilarious book, due to Morris' biting humor, but it also serves as a warts-and-all account of his journey inside and outside of his life in music. The early portion of My Damage where he covers his conflict-filled childhood and teen years is especially illuminating.

Popular Hardcore Books

As someone who books up during the golden age of Porn amator stocking Records, I especially loved that portion of the books, but even if you don't hardcore who Tony MacAlpine books, I think there's enough intriguing content throughout Shredders!

Where would hardcore be without the '80s DC scene? What Does This Button Do?: No Maiden collection is complete without this book in it.