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In the Indian subcontinentHijra [n 1] are eunuchs and transgender people who perform a specific social role in their communities - usually making a living as street performers - singing, dancing, and performing blessings for donations. It is also traditional to have hijras perform at weddings and baby blessings. Many hijras live in well-defined and organised all- hijra communities, led by a guru.

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The word " hijra " is a Hindustani word. Since the late 20th century, some hijra activists and non-government organizations NGOs have lobbied for official recognition of the hijra as a "third hijira or " third gender ", as neither man nor woman. The Hindustani word hijra may alternately be romanized as hijirahijdahijadahijarahijrah and is pronounced Hindustani pronunciation: This term is generally considered derogatory in Urdu and the word Khwaja Sara is used instead.

A number of terms across the culturally and linguistically diverse Indian subcontinent represent video sex or gender categories.

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While these are rough synonymsthey sex be better understood as separate identities due to regional blowjob men differences.

In South India, the goddess Renuka is believed to have the power to change one's sex.