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Bangalore naked aunties episode is the second part hot The Meteor Shower Trilogy, and centers upon third grader Stan Marshwith his father Randy the focus on the subplot. It premiered on Comedy Central on July 21, It is noted for being the first episode in which Butters Stotch serves as an important supporting character, with substantial dialogue.

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After dropping Shelly off at Cartman's homethe Marshes and Stan are off to a party at the home of Mr. Stan is upset naked he has to go and becomes even more angered when he is locked in a room with nerdy "Melvin" classmates that he does not like: PipButtersand Dougie. Meanwhile, at the party, Mr.

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Mackey gives the Broflovskis and Marshes a tour of his home and leads them out to the hot tub. The wives leave Randy and Gerald outside in the characters tub, who declare the present evening to be a night of experimenting.

The two talk about threesomes and decide to masturbate in front of one another. This leads to awkwardness after Randy questions his sexuality.

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