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Gretchen to refresh. Past Winner: These girls are vicious. Good thing you and Shane declined this season, even though I hate the new girl Lydia.

Also, Alexis seems even more brain dead this season. I really watch housewives show for Vicki.

Real Hot Housewife Alert! Gretchen Rossi Sizzles In Skimpy Nude Bikini!

She is nuts and I love it. Nik if you watched Part 1, Tamra pulls out pictures from TheDirty. How could Gretchen just sit there and lie to everyone. What friends take sexual pictures like these? Well, it looks like Lady Burd has had amy schumer porn of Gretchen and Slave and they are refusing to sell her any nude make up or skin care products.


Why does Bravo continue to pay these 2 criminals?? She has definitely jacked up her face. I hope these 2 go down!

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