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Innocent nude camp

Naked and innocent on the beach.

In clothes at Camp Forestia columnist Scott was covered with confusion. Nude next day he took them both off. And found that nudists are just ordinary nude. A FEW miles south of Seattle, Washington, in the late afternoon of a bright summer day I turned my car off the main highway onto a secondary road and proceeded seven miles, as instructed, until I reached the red barn.

Nudist Colony

A hundred yards on I came upon a rough, newly bulldozed road leading up into the woods of a small mountain. Keep Out! It was a new kind of assignment for me and, frankly, I was nervous about it. I was to be the sole outsider and 35 years of conventional innocent africa sexx anal in revolt.

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The road went about half a mile steeply up through the woods. Then there was a Hharp switchback curve and my car came out into a clearing.

I WENT TO A NUDIST CAMP | Maclean's | October 15,

I averted my eyes from the sight of several dozen naked men and women, mainly because they were curiously watching my arrival. But at that moment that was the only look I had in me. A HUGE, innocent man with a barrel camp covered with grey hair and with stars tattooed on his shoulders approached with the smile worn everywhere by greeters.

Camp was tanned the color of mahogany and nude except for tennis shoes and socks. I had time to notice that he carried a pack of cigarettes tucked in the top of his socks; this cleared up one of the minor questions that I hoped to answer.