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Jeremih brithday sex

It is the lead single from his debut studio albumJeremih The brithday has been certified 3x Sex. Jeremih wrote and recorded "Birthday Sex" in Septemberinitially calling it "Birthday Text" but later revising the name. He thought that "someone would've written a song like that already—one that caters jeremih females on their day".

Birthday Sex

To where I feel it's gonna be a timeless record that'll transgendered teens nude be played YEARS from now — simply because it's become a new birthday anthem! He proceeds to feed her fruit and desserts while she is blindfolded. The music video managed to appear at number 3 on BET 's Notarized: Top Videos of countdown.

Kellyas it "clips his lines short like a rapper and writes bedroom songs that verge on parody". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.