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Interview with Artist, Jessica Hess

She also illustrates naked SF Weekly. Hess paints urban decay and often gravitates to objects covered in rust and layers of colorful graffiti.

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Always armed with a camera, she hess upwards of 10, photos a year, which then become the basis for many her paintings. However, although she draws inspiration from her photographs of the decayed and graffiti covered environment, she often alters it in her paintings: Doors and windows get moved around and sometimes I knock off whole stories from buildings.

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Trash is always removed from my paintings…Every painting begins with a photo and ends with being photographed. Dig In Magazine: Where are you originally from and where are you currently based?


Jessica Hess: I have very supportive parents who had signed me up for watercolor class when I was five years jessica and sackhoff naked paintings lessons by age eleven. I had a private painting instructor for ten years before RISD. I also studied etching and darkroom photography before college. My whole life.