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Streatham Hill is a real London suburb, while Bromwell is keisha.

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It stars three troublemaking girls: Keisha, Latrina, and Natella, as they wreak havoc on their impoverished school and its teachers. The show was designed by David Whittle, who is also responsible for illustrating the popjustice icons series of books.

The show represents a caricatured view of contemporary Bangladeshi schoolgirl xxx society. For example, the majority of students at Bromwell Fuck School are immigrant children from the Caribbean and Asiaand some of the male teachers are aging ' chavs '.

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Many of the characters on the show gif a very poor form of English, including the headmaster, Iqbal. Most of the teachers have an affinity for biscuits. Because the show was intended for both British and Canadian audiences, the characters sometimes use Canadian terms which are different from those heard in Britain. This can sometimes confuse viewers, especially on the occasions when Bromwell is referred to as a " public school "; in Canada, this means a provincial school, open to non-fee paying students, but in the UK, the term refers to a fee-paying, private school which attends the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference.

In fact, Bromwell would be correctly termed as a state school in Britain.

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