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Do you knows your oums from your pous? A little slang goes an incredibly long way in Cambodia, as people rarely speak the complete speech touted in official guidebooks. The formal greeting is chom reap sour in Khmer. Chom reap lear is the formal way to say goodbye, but as with hello, this is only used in official settings.

On a day-to-day basis, li sin huey is the best way to bid a fond farewell in Cambodia.

15 Khmer Slang Words to Help You Speak Like a Local in Cambodia

Instead, start your first exchange with soksaby, which girl the Khmer way of asking: The correct way to respond: Pretty much everyone is going to be your bong when you khmer in Cambodiaas the term is endlessly bandied about among locals. Translating directly to brother, bong is used to refer to basically anyone and everyone of around the same age. Despite sexy srei being the direct translation for italian girls undressed, females are still referred to as bong.

Respect plays a major role in Cambodian society, and this is often reflected in the way people are addressed. Elders automatically command respect from those younger than them, and rather than being referred to as bongthey will be called aunty or uncle — oum or pou.

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