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Maybe this is just a dream, she thought.

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The year-old took a few fearful steps forward. She gasped when she reached the driveway.

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Teen Internet Celebrity Kiki Kannibal. Her mother and year-old sister stepped outside, and their faces froze in horror. This was more than she could handle.

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For the past year, she had endured the hateful blogs and e-mails, the nudecontorsionists and prank calls, the late-night drive-bys with teenagers screaming her name out of car windows. Just this week, at an all-ages punk show, a pack of girls had recognized Kiki in the audience and jumped her, cramming gum into her bleached-blond hair.

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But this vandalism of her home was a different level of harassment. This article appears in the April 28, issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is nude now in the online archive. Then she kiki a MySpace account, and everything changed.

But fame had come with a backlash she could never have anticipated. Still crying, Kiki clambered into the family car.