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The kiss of death Italian: Il bacio della morte is the sign given by a mafioso boss or capo that signifies that a member of the crime family has been marked for death, usually as a result of some perceived betrayal.

When they kiss your neck.

Illustrative is the scene in the film The Valachi Papers when Vito Genovese Lino Ventura gives the kiss of death to Joe Valachi Charles Bronson to inform him that his betrayal of "the family" is known, and that he neck be executed. The "kiss" has also been used as gif terror tactic to aid in extortion neck debt collection by reducing victims to a state of panic where they will commit to anything to save their lives. The exact origin is unknown, but an Italian source identifies the bacio della morte nude girls church the kiss given to the assassin delegated to "execute" a death sentence, as if to seal the solemn judgment and to wish success on the assignment.

Some believe it refers to the kiss of Judas which was given to Jesus to betray him kiss the soldiers gif him out.

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