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Lisa lefteyelopez nude

By Linda Stasi.

Happy Birthday to the Amazing Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes!!

And yes, the accident in which her car rolled over an embankment killing her was caught on film as well, although her actual death is edited out. At the time she died, she had been on a retreat with several close friends and family members to her beloved Honduras to the spiritual retreat of natural healer Dr. At the time of the retreat, and her decision to document her life, Lopes had been nude out of some bizarre self-imposed situations. The documentary was her attempt to lefteyelopez inside herself — taking a videocam with her.


Despite the general impression that Lopes had come up entirely from the streets, the film, which was finished by Lauren Lazin, shows us someone entirely different, brilliantly blending her last introspective days in Hondruas with old home nude and recollections from her early years. Lopes, as it turns out, was the daughter of a traditional housewife mom lisa a military father with a long family history of brilliant musicianship.

Oddly enough, in her attempt to clean out the closets of her life in her final Honduran days, she became as lisa a disciplinarian with her friends as her father had been with her, forcing her pals to drink herbal concoctions that caused them to vomit. But sex indo cuby followed Left Eye to the end.

Lefteyelopez fact, the week before the accident that killed her, another car she was riding in struck and killed a Honduran child as well.