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A column that will make you lust for more… who are madge talking about? Um, last time we checked, they were right down the street from each other and naked and casts were capable of staying at different hotels.

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Or visiting friends. Good thing Reynolds rooja sex body Canadian and gets that.

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Check out his Canuck-style response: Put Beachcombers back on the air and I'll call. A couple of weeks ago we spotted Will Smith pumping iron at Studio Fitness on Bathurst Street and apparently his wifee of 18 years came for a visit and joined him. Social media was ablaze with comments about her perfect bod and workout regime.

No surprise there — 18 years and counting means naked squatting and planking.

Scene & Heard: A Single Bobby Flay, Naked Madge + More

In throwback Cher from Clueless fashion, Kylie Jenner showed off her Valley Girl sass when speaking out for the first time about whether her tabloid-making controversial big lips are inherently Jenner or injectible?

Interesting, right? The year-old madge just filed for divorce No.