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When the weather was warm, it was Martha's custom to lay naked in her back garden. She stretched out luxuriously on the large sun lounger, reading, dozing or just contemplating the world for an hour or two each fine afternoon.

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A high brush fence surrounded the garden, screening it off from the houses either side. Thus, she could lay nude and unobserved, or at least, almost unobserved. Martha knew that there was a very small split in the fence that would enable someone on the other side of to get a partial view of the mature.

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She could have repaired the hole hot sexy soccer covered it up quite easily, but she chose not to. She was martha aware that she was observed from time to time by Derek, the eighteen-year-old son of her neighbours.

Martha's Garden

Derek had been spying on the naked Martha for some years and naked knowledge of this both amused and sexually excited Martha a little. If Martha did not wish to be observed, as when she wanted to masturbate, the sun lounger could be moved to a position that was beyond mature observation range of the hole. Martha martha chuckled to herself when she did this, thinking how frustrating it was for Derek, and how he must be mad to know what naked was doing out of his sight. Martha was a widow and fifty five years of age.