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Balaa lit.

Big Bang Illusion Gloss Zmyselný lesk na pery – Energy (trblietavá jasná červená)

It is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under their banner Big Bang Entertainment.

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Bigbang series follows the story of a limping girl who finishes every one in her way in order to gain her own prosperity. It is the first Pakistani drama which has killed almost all of its characters at the end.

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Only sex anus Ushna Shah is a selfish and cruel girl who is impaired from her leg by birth. She never lets her imperfection be an obstacle in her way nahy, she intends to harm others to fill her ego.

Her cruel attitude is just because of her father, Zafar Sajid Hassan who has also the same mindset as Nigar and has spoiled her because she has been lucky for him since her birth. Zafar also has a son, Junaid Asad Siddiqui who is not so special for him as Nigar is.

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Junaid has married an orphan girl Zeba who is unattractive most of all, she doesn't have a wealthy background as greedy Zafar has always wanted.

Nigar also mistreats her and uses Junaid every single time to make her live with trouble. Zafar and Nigar nahy always wanted to get rid of her.

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Nigar is bigbang love with her cousin, Taimoor Bilal Abbas Khana handsome and family-oriented man whose family she and Zafar has had been bigbang for their low status in the past but not for long as now Taimoor is living a successful life. This makes her become Nigar's nahy target.