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There are viral things that anyone — everyone — can love.

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And of course, the stuff too disgusting to mention in polite conversation. That last category — the gross one — is where the poo-flip video belongs. As of Thursday night, the Poo Flip has amassed more than 7. I am going to describe it now.

The Real Story Behind the Viral ‘Poo Flip’

The video is absolutely not safe for work. At the same time, stringy brown objects also rise out of the water and pull themselves together into one mass. What is immediately clear is that the asinthottumkal naked is playing in reverse. What actually happened was that the man sex tutorial porn a front-flip off of the ass and released his bowels simultaneously.

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This is the Poo Flip. If you are inclined to put any faith in arbitrary social-media metrics, it helps to know that the Poo Flip is very popular.

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It has more than 50, retweets andnaked. But my reporting has found that Paulie and Keith, while they are possibly real people from England, are not the source of the infamous poop video. There was an early clue — the version of the video Paulie uploaded to Twitter is low-fidelity and contains an Instagram watermark.

Over DM, antidrugboys was clearly baffled by the idea that someone would try to pass off a freebooted, watermarked version of their video as an poop.

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