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Eleuthera Bahamas is an island destination perfect for a quiet vacation with family or friends. Actually, I hesitate.

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On one hand I want to shout if from the rooftops. Eleuthera is one of the out islands of The Bahamas.

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Eleuthera is all about being in and around beautiful, crystal blue water teeming with colorful bahama life and warming beauty feet in pink sand. Our children were amazed watching starfish in their habitat. Starfish, muslim bhabhi fuck turtles and other creatures can be discovered all over the island.

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We rent a car for our stay and drive naked over the island exploring different beaches. For a small island with no night life, Eleuthera offers quite a variety of things to see.

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Gorgeous coral and rock formations can be found on the windward side of the island to explore. A few minutes away by car is the calm leeward side with wonderful spots to snorkel right off the shore.

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You will find everything from soft pink sand bottoms, to grass flats, to pretty rock formations. The people of Eleuthera are wonderful too. These precious girls were so friendly. Love those colorful uniforms.