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Naked chunky man

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A derivative of " skinny dipping ". Rosie and her friend Oprah man into the public pool to go for a "chunky dunk" last night.

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Chunky Dunk sports. Naked Dunk bikini ride gif. A chunky dunk is the same thing as a skinny dip but for people who have been around the block a chunky times and aren't "skinny" any more. Honeynow that we're older, let's go out for a chunky dunk in the lake. When someone of a rather large exterior aka fat person strips down naked and goes swimming once again, naked.

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When Kelly Osbourne took a chunky dunkmy eyes burnt right out of their sockets. Chunky Dunk sex. A term used to describe overweight people swimming naked. That damn obese cow, you call your girlfriend, can't possibly skinny dip. That whore chunky dunks.