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Leia and Han Leia start to kiss as they both suddenly nudehoneys laughter close buy in Jabba's palace. Han and Leia turn around as a purple curtain is pulled back revealing Jabba and his pig guards laughing.

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Leia no knowing what to do just hantai there. Jabba notices the attractive princess standing there wondering what she would like. Leia began getting nervous as she didn't know what Jabba wanted.

Leia shuddered as he said this worried about what will happen. Jabba then gives a slobbery kiss onto Leia's mouth.

Leia is revolted as Jabba's tongue slaps leia's face. Jabba grabs leia's butt and shouts out "we have a very beautiful guest here tonight, Princess Leia my new slave girl" Jabba said excitedly. Leia's heart sunk as she turned to look at Jabba. Leia turned red as two guards grabbed her arms moving leia to the center of the palace room. Jabba beat his tail as he waited.

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Device bondage porn notices her old friend Lando off from the side was here. Lando then left the room. Naked guards started pulling her armor down.