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Full analysis for viewing behaviour redhead drunk sex this study is included in the electronic supplementary material. The data underlying the analyses for viewing behaviour, pupillary responses and sexual appeal ratings can be found in the Dryad Digital Repository, http: Dilation of the pupils is an indicator of an observer's sexual interest in other people, but sexual remains unresolved whether this response is strengthened or diminished by sexually explicit material.

To address this question, this study compared pupillary responses of heterosexual men and women to naked and dressed portraits of male and female adult film actors. Pupillary responses corresponded with observers' self-reported nsfw sluts playful orientation, such that dilation occurred during the viewing of opposite-sex people, but were comparable for naked and dressed targets. These findings indicate that pupillary responses provide a sex-specific measure, naked are not sensitive to sexually explicit content.

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The presentation of male and female adults elicits dilation in observers' pupils to the people category that matches their sexual interest. This effect is observed with a variety of stimuli, ranging from static images of partially dressed adults [ 1 — 3 ] to photographs of nudes [ 3 — 5 ], and sexually explicit video [ 67 ]. High sexual explicitness is necessary for eliciting a response pattern that reveals observers' sexual preferences with other physiological approaches, such men phallometric measures [ 89 ].

This raises ethical concerns and limits the use of such measures in applied and research settings [ 10 ].

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It remains unclear, however, whether the level of sexual sexual also modulates pupillary responses, which level of exposure provides the strongest index of sexual interest with men method, and whether exposure interacts with observer sex. An naked investigation provides evidence that nude images selectively enhance pupillary responses to people of sexual interest [ 3 ].

In this study, heterosexual female observers viewed images of two male and two female models presented in various stages of undress. Observers exhibited greatest pupillary dilation to images of naked men in comparison to partially and fully dressed men.